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For 60 years, Action Capital Corporation has provided financial support to entrepreneurs. As a privately owned, non-bank financial institution, we "lend to the opportunity" which means that we meet the capital needs of growing businesses through forward-looking asset based lines of credit.   

Action provides financing against our customers’ accounts receivable that are due from creditworthy businesses or local, state or federal government agencies. We provide credit to government contractors, wholesalers, manufacturers, technology businesses, staffing companies, healthcare businesses, importers and a variety of professional services businesses. Action can also provide more tailored or specialty credit products, including lines of credit against earned but unbilled revenue, to certain services businesses and government contractors.

We are active in financing customers across many stages of the business lifecycle including startup businesses seeking to finance their first large orders or contracts, growth stage companies seeking to supplement their existing equity capital and credit facilities, companies seeking to buyout an equity partner or to make an acquisition and companies in a restructuring phase that are seeking to replace their existing lenders or access a Debtor in Possession (DIP) facility. Action can work with clients presenting a nuanced credit picture due to high growth (including startups), net losses, negative net equity, customer concentration or high financial leverage.  

Action’s credit products include factoring and accounts receivable financing facilities that start at $50,000 and Ledgered Lines of Credit up to $7,000,000. We can provide an advance rate of up to 90% of the value of the accounts receivable assets and 85% of the value of earned but unbilled assets.  

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Action employs a diverse team of professionals who represent a variety of educational and commercial backgrounds. Each of our clients works directly with a team of two portfolio managers who process funding requests and support the client on a day to day basis.  Our portfolio teams are, in turn, supported by Action's operations team which manages our lockbox service and provides reporting to our clients.


Patrick Thom


15+ Years at Action

John Canning


25+ Years at Action


Rhett Bentley

Executive Vice President

Chris Kellen

Vice President

Portfolio Manager

15+ Years at Action

Bo Boyet

Vice President

Portfolio Manager

10+ Years at Action

John Brouillard

Vice President

Portfolio Manager

Melissa Vaughn

Vice President

Operations Group Manager

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